Ready to accept Lawrence’s challenge: Sri Reddy

Actor-choreographer-director Raghava Lawrence had recently responded to Sri Reddy’s casting couch allegations by posing a challenge to her. Refuting her claims, the former had promised that he would certainly give her a role in one of his films if she enacts a scene given by him properly at a press meet. Reacting to the same, the actress says that she is ready for the challenge.
She tells,“I want to take up this challenge as I did many mistakes in the past to bag offers in movies. But I know that nobody will confess to what they did to me as they are all bothered about their public image. Nevertheless, I appreciate that Lawrence master has promised a role for me when others decided to stay silent. But I won’t settle for a supporting character role or those which are written just for the sake of giving me a chance in his film.I’m expecting a lead role in his film.Even in the past,he had offered me the role of a heroine during the shoot of his film Rebel, though I’m not sure for which movie of his he wanted to cast me.I’m not in Chennai now,but I will announce when I’m returning to the city so that he can also plan accordingly.I hope he is seeing my FB as well so that he can respond based on my posts in it. I’m accepting his challenge positively and hope he shows no grudge towards me and treats me well.I also have received a few offers from Kollywood and Tollywood,but I can’t announce any of them now.”