5 Recent Released Telugu Movies Review

1. Ami Thumi – 8th June


STORY: The gundagandlu (villains) in Ami Thumi are the parents of the two leading ladies, who are hell bent on getting their daughters married to rich grooms. Though on the face of it, both the families are well-off, but they actually aren’t.

The children care little about wealth and are adamant on marrying their beloveds; and so arises is a conflict of interest. The plot becomes funnier with each scene and an ensuing confusion too adds the necessary humour elements to the narration.

REVIEW : Deepika (Eesha Rebba) wants to marry Ananth (Adivi Sesha) but her father Janardhan (Tanikella Bharani) arranges her wedding with Chilipi (Vennela Kishore). Meanwhile Deepika’s brother Vijay (Srinivas Avasarala) is in love with Maya (Aditi Myakal) and is a friend of Ananth. Vijay is fine with his sister getting married to Ananth.

In a turn of events, instead of getting married to Deepika, Chilipi ends up tying the knot with Kumari (Shyamala), the domestic help in Janardhan’s house; thanks to Deepika for hatching a plan on an idea given by her domestic help to create utter confusion in the entire scenario.

The way Tanikella Bharani breaks into abrupt dance moves during a few scenes is sure to tickle the bones of the audience. Another unique feature of the film is director Indraganti Mohanakrishna decision to make his characters speak in the Telangana street lingo, which is the USP of the movie. Along with a well-crafted script, the dialogues, words and phrases surely contributes in making the movie a watchable laugh riot.

A special mention must be made of Eesha Rebba. Right from the word go, she steals the limelight with her effortless portraying of Deepika’s character. The director got his actors to act only as much as he wanted them to and they seemed to have happily obliged.

There’s nothing much to talk about the locales or cinematography since most of it is shot indoors adhering to the demands of the screenplay. The music too is average and usually seats in the backseat throughout the story. If some comedy is better than no comedy, this one is for you.

2. Fashion Designer s/o Ladies Tailor – 1st June


STORY: The story is about Gopalam, son of “Ladies Tailor” Sundaram, who wants to move out of his hometown to a city and become a fashion designer. The virtue of the manmadha rekha (cupid line) turns things in Gopalam’s favour in ways he doesn’t expect.

REVIEW: When the movie is announced as a sequel to 1986’s successful Ladies Tailor, enough buzz was created around the film with Sumanth Ashwin as Gopalam. The film though is a typical Vamsy’s template, lacks an engaging narration that could keep a viewer glued to his seat.

The movie begins on an interesting note but fails to live up to the original’s pace and expectations. Gopalam comes to know about the power of his manmadha rekha and test its dynamism on Gedela Rani (Manasa Himavarsha) and eventually on the village head Gavvarraju’s nephew Ammulu (Manali Rathod). Both the ladies fall for Gopalam and the first half is all about establishing Gopalam’s intentions of luring women into marriage with him and realise his dreams of becoming a fashion designer in a city.

Just before the interval, Gopalam meets Maha Lakshmi (Anisha Ambrose) who returns from aboard. Gopalam starts to impress Maha Lakshmi and realises that his rendezvous with the other ladies are being recorded.

In the second half, the story takes a turn as the main plot slowly unravels. It seems like the makers have decided to stuff-in some additional drama just for the sake of it and extend the run time of the movie.

How the ladies find out that Gopalam had been cheating on them for money and threaten him to apprise it to Gavvarraju for justice, summarises the second half. While we cannot completely categorise the movie as a regular run-of-the-mill or a re-modelled version of the original film, there is a bit of suspense that may excite you.

Sumanth Ashwin, who is etching his place in the industry with some decent performances in sensible movies earlier, gets to talk in the street lingo of the Godavari region but it didn’t go well with him given his personality and body language. With mere comedy scenes, the movie majorly has the same plot that Ladies Tailor had except a twist in the end.
The three leading ladies put up a decent performance and have done their bit within the scope offered.

Music by Mani Sharma and awe-inspiring cinematography by Nagesh Banell are the major positives in the otherwise tedious film. Picturisation of the songs combined with rich visuals and great music are all what you can enjoy from the film. However, there are some fantastic shots and angles in some scenes, which might catch the attention of keen observers.

But at the end, the climax will give you a slice of Vamsy’s stride of movie narration. In a nutshell, the film could have been made in a bit more convincing manner rather than sticking to the original and repeat the sub-plots.

Watch if you are a fan of Vamsy and his taste of music combined with the beautiful backdrop of the Godavari region.

3. Rarandoi Veduka Chudham – 25th May


STORY: A happy-go-lucky boy falls in love with a village belle and after initially facing rejection from her, realises that he has a lot to do to win her love.

REVIEW: Rarandoi Veduka Chudham uses the age-old run-of-the-mill set-up to establish the story and its characters. As far as the plot is concerned, there is nothing new that one can expect from the family drama – fathers pampering their children, children falling in love with the enemy’s son and the clichés. Finally, when things are set to take an offbeat turn, a simple clarification of a misunderstanding brings the plot to a happy ending; bummer!

Siva (Naga Chaitanya) visits a village to attend his cousin’s marriage and falls for Brahmaramba (Rakul Preet) at first sight. Brahmaramba rebuffs his attempts time and again until she moves to Vizag to pursue her MBA. Being a pampered girl who is unassertive, Brahmaramba calls up Siva for support and starts going out with him.

Rift arises when Brahma makes it clear to Siva that she is looking for an appropriate suitor (as her relatives insist on getting a knight in shining armour as her life partner) pushing Siva to eventually confess his love for her. This mostly takes the screen time till the first half, with a few laughs evoked by Vennela Kishore here and there.

Naga Chaitanya has tried this genre for the first time and his efforts are more or less commendable. Especially, out of all, you might like his acting during an emotional scene between him and Brahma before the interval.

Rakul Preet looked average in the movie in traditional langa vonis and did her bit with ease. Characters of Posani Krishna Murali, Raghu Babu, Prudhvi, Tagubothu Ramesh, Sapthagiri and Sudharshan seemed forcefully inculcated to evoke a little humour in the narration. The flow of scenes is so incoherent that it makes you feel like you are watching the movie somewhere from the middle of it (in a forward mode), at least in the first half.

The drama unveils in the second half and the narration picks pace. From the actual reason behind the rivalry of good friends turned foes to how the hero cleverly uses his wit to make things fall into place, the director manages to earn some brownie points here.

Kannada actress Kousalya is seen in a Telugu film after a very long time and she essays a meaningful role. Sampath and Jagapathi Babu too have done their bit well in the roles they played.

Cinematography by S V Visveshwar’s imagery looks rich on the silver screen and the entire setting of the film is visually pleasant. Though Devi Sri Prasad’s initially seems average unlike his previous hits but will surely grow on you after it blends with the cinematography on screen.

The movie has been successful in pulling family audiences to packed theatres with its melodramatic appeal, which, of course is quite a rarity these days. And with a plus point like this, Rarandoi veduka Chuddam might pass off as a one-time-watch this summer.

4. Keshava – 19th May


STORY: The film tells the story of a law student Keshava (Nikhil Siddhartha), who avenges the death of his family by killing the murderers despite suffering from a rare heart condition and leaves no clues behind. He is confronted by his childhood friend Sathyabhama (Ritu Varma) who joins the same law school as him and Keshava confesses his crimes. Meanwhile, the police department deploys a special officer Sharmila Mishra (Isha Koppikar) to nab the criminal and thwart more killings. Eventually Keshava gets apprehended by Sharmila and the movie picks up pace after that in the second half.

REVIEW: Keshava comes as an out-of-the box revenge drama that has hit the screens amidst huge anticipations. With a story line that is as simple as it could be, the movie’s screenplay has elevated the film to a whole new level. With a power-packed trailer, the movie has been successful in drawing large crowds to theaters on the first day.

Keshava will impress the audience right from its title credits and slowly transports them to a dark world of revenge and anguish. Without lengthy dialogues or redundant scenes, the movie consistently carries the pace and makes it an interesting watch.

On the flip side, a few irrational scenes will make you question the director’s vision as the plot delves into the climax. For example, which sane man, irrespective of how immoral he is, will remain seated in his car when the protagonist is pelting petrol packets on the vehicle trying to set it ablaze? Won’t you get down from it at the first instance? In Keshava, that’s not what happens. Also, you will stumble upon a repeat of a key scene from director Sukumar’s ‘1 Nenokkadine’ when the final twist is being revealed.

For Nikhil Siddharth, who has proven his mettle while selecting appropriate scripts, the film stands out as one of his best performances. Though he carries a single emotion throughout the film, it would be appreciated by the audience as he made it look utterly effortless.

Ritu Varma looks elegant and does her bit within the given space. Priyadarshi and Vennela Kishore along with Sudharshan and Satya manage to evoke a few laughs without disturbing the main narration.

Isha Koppikar makes a comeback to Telugu cinema in the role of an IPS officer and looked young and dashing. Her screen presence uplifts certain scenes, which is of course expected from the veteran. One of the key highlights of the movie is the background score and music. Both composers have excelled in their respective duties in enhancing the overall narration of the plot.

In a nutshell, Keshava easily slips into the category of a thriller and is a rather good attempt by the filmmakers.

5. Rakshaka Bhatudu – 12th May


STORY: The story is about how a woman in distress takes shelter at a police station only to realise that the problem lies within its walls. Hankering for comedy-infused suspense that will only leave you to sympathize at the end, the movie is another attempt in the hit genre which fails to shine.

REVIEW: Richa Panai (Mythili) seeks shelter at the Anantagiri police station where cops do everything – play hide and seek, cook food and woo lady constable (Jyoti) – except enforcing law. The movie begins on an interesting note but ten minutes into it, you will realise that the movie is one of those low grade movies with a known cast. The plot is so clichéd and there is nothing to look forward to.

When Mythili and Ram (Nandu) elope from home to get married and are about to exchange garlands at Anantagiri registrar office, things take a turn that leads Patnaik (Supreet), who is a womanizer and a MLA’s son falls for Mythili. How Mythili and Ram unite at the end of the tale with the help from friends is what Rakshaka Bhatudu is about. The film’s poster’s reference to police men and Lord Hanuman dressed in police uniform is however could not be fathomed.

The performances are unattractive. Without much substance that binds the film together, the efforts of the team were in vain as the movie is below average. Brahmanandam, who emerges as the saving grace in the second half, tried his bit but didn’t get any help from his co-stars and the script.

Brahmaji, Supreet, and highly anticipated character of Kalakeya Prabhakar, are seemed like a waste of talents and Dhanraj, this time around, failed to tickle any funny bones as he is depicted as a shy and innocent cop. For people who enjoy sensible comedy, this film is not the one albeit there are a few moments scattered here and there that might make you laugh. Sampoornesh Babu, who makes an appearance as ‘Anji’ in the movie, is the only redeeming feature of the film.

Rakshaka Bhatudu is the story which lacks focus. Director Vamsi Krishna Akella, who had earlier directed movies such as ‘Raksha’ and ‘Jakkanna’, this time, has failed in terms of narration that would have been made a bit more engaging.

With lacklustre characters and prolonged unnecessary scenes, the treatment of the story lets you down. Music by Sekhar Chandra is forgettable and this movie has nothing except a engaging background score.